Delightful Doll House

Skill Level: Intermediate

Create a keepsake they'll play with and treasure forever.

This simple and space-saving dolls house is easy to make and perfect for personalising with patterns and colour.

Things You'll Need

  • MDF Board
  • Ruler or Meter
  • Carpenters square
  • Pencil
  • Hammer and Pins

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. Time to Measure Up

For the inner walls - Mark 210mm from the end of the board and draw straight cutting lines with a carpenters square and pencil. Repeat 3 times. Two of these three 210mm pieces will be used create your two internal doll house walls. It is important all cuts are made at angles.

For your outer walls – mark points at 678mm in length. You will need two outer walls in total.

For the flooring – you will need to cut 3 lengths at 450mm.

Step 2. Start Cutting

Cut the panels to size for your inner walls (3), outer walls (2) and flooring (3).

Step 3. Create Your Internal Doors

Mark a rectangular ‘door shaped’ pencil line on two of your 210mm panels, to create internal doors between rooms inside the dolls house. Using a jigsaw, carefully cut along the lines to create two door frames.

Step 4. Mark The Positions For Your Floors And Ceilings

Position your spare 210mm panel on its side at the edge of your 678mm outer wall panels. Mark a pencil line along the edge to create a 12mm spacer.

Then, Position the edge of your 210mm panel from the line you’ve just made, as shown. Draw a line along the other end of the panel to create a 210mm spacer.

Position the 210mm panel on it’s side again to create another 12mm spacer. Repeat this process along the 678mm length of MDF.

Repeat this process along the 678mm length of MDF.

Step 5. Mark Your Windows and Outer Door

At on end, mark a rectangular cutting line for your outer door. Match the same size as the rectangle created for your inner door.

Mark a smaller, square cutting line inside the other two 210mm spaces. These will be your windows.

Step 6.Cut out the windows and doors

Using your jigsaw, carefully cut around the window and door lines. For the windows you should pre-drill a hole within the squares, to create a starting point for your jigsaw cutting.

Step 7. Smooth the edges

Using your Mouse® detail sander, smooth the window and door edges.

Step 8. Prepare to connect your internal walls

Drill two 3mm pilot holes within each of the 12mm wide spaces on your outer wall panels. Approximately 30mm from each edge.

Step 9. Connect the flooring to the outer walls

Drill through these holes into your floor sections. 

Using 30mm screws, connect your base and 1st internal flooring panel to one of the two outer walls. Don’t connect the other outer wall at this time.

Step 10. Position the first internal wall pieces

With the first 2 floors in position, decide where you want your internal walls. We have set the wall 150mm in from the exterior wall. Using a square, mark the position of the interior walls, also marking where the door cut-out is. Drill holes as in the previous steps.

Step 11. Connect the first internal wall

Using your drill and 30mm screws, connect the first internal wall between the base of the dolls house and the first floor.

Secure the first internal wall into position from the other side.

Step 12. Connect the second internal wall

Position the second internal wall between your two remaining internal flooring panels. Secure into position from both sides using your drill driver and screws.

Step 13. Connect the walls and floors

Position the remaining floor pieces and connect to the walls through your pilot holes, using your drill driver and 30mm screws. Secure the outer wall into position on the opposite side of the dolls house.

Step 14. Create the roof

Time to cut the roof panels. Cut one panel to 150mm x 300mm, and one to 150mm x 288mm.

Attach the two roof pieces at the top to create a V shape at right angles, using your drill and 30mm screws.

Step 15. Draw around your house

The roof will be attached by the backing panel, so for the time being just place in position.

Place the dolls house onto a piece of 4mm ply or similar. Ensure the roof is positioned centrally. Line up the edge of the house with the board and measure to the centre of the house. Position the roof so that the top of it is the same distance form the edge of the board. Using a pencil, draw around the outside of the house and the interior walls, floors and the roof.

Step 16. Your Back Wall Stencil

Once you’ve drawn around the floors and internal walls, mark square outlines for your windows. We used two windows on the first floor of the dolls house and one window in the loft. You now have the stencil for your back wall.

Step 17. Start Cutting

Use your circular saw to cut around the outer edges of the doll house stencil.

Step 18. Back Windows

Drill pilot holes into the edges of your back windows before cutting them out.

Then, use your jigsaw to carefully cut out the back windows.

Step 19. Smooth the edges

Use your detail sander to smooth all of the edges.

Step 20. Get Creative

Before attaching the back panel, paint your dolls house in colours of your choice. You may want to use gift wrapping to create some funky interior room decorations.

Step 21. Add the Back Wall

Attach the back wall using a hammer and pins.

Step 22. Finished!

Add furniture to the dolls house and you’re done.