Build a Bold Headboard

Skill Level: Beginner

Give your bedroom a great new look with this striking headboard.

A good headboard can really transform your bedroom. Instead of heading out to the furniture shop, why not try making your own? Our bold and colourful headboard is simple to make and adds real impact to a room – just follow our step by step instructions.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. Mark Up Your PVC

First, it’s time to create your cutting stencil. On the side of the material with the layer of protective film, mark out three evenly sized and spaced triangles.

Step 2. Cutting Stencil Completed

You now have your cutting stencil.

Step 3. Secure The PVC For Cutting

Fix the material to your workbench using a trigger clamp, ensuring that the material is secured before cutting.

Step 4. Get Cutting

Select the PVC material setting on your Jigsaw (KS901SEK shown). Carefully cut along the lines of your stencil.

Step 5. Smooth Edges

Use sanding paper to smooth any rough edges.

Step 6. Remove Film

Remove the protective film layer from the acrylic.

Step 7. Place Your Headboard

Place the headboard behind the bed, and you’re done!