Create Your Own Wine Rack

Skill Level: Intermediate

Add a personal touch to your wine selection with this DIY pallet shelving.

Complete with a handy rack for hanging wine glasses, this wine shelving is simple to make and looks great on your wall. Get hold of a pallet and follow these easy steps!!

Things You’ll Need

  • Wooden Pallet:
    • One framed section from pallet corner
    • Two pieces of pallet planking the same length as the base of the pallet section (varies by pallet)
    • Two 25mm-wide shims from pallet planking for spacers
  • 1x Pen/Pencil
  • 1x Measuring Tape
  • 1x Safety Gloves/Masks/Glasses or Goggles

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. Cut the Pallet

  • Using your Jigsaw, cut off a corner section of your wood pallet that is clean and free from crushed corners or warped boards.
  • Cut through the thick centre struts made from 2-by-4s to determine the height of your shelf. Cut through the horizontal slats to create a small shelf (pictured above), or leave intact for a longer shelf that can hold more wine bottles.
  • Measure the base length (from the outside edges of the 2-by-4s) to determine the length for the two plank pieces that will serve as the glass rack and base of the shelf.
  • With a hammer or pry bar, carefully remove two pieces of planking from your extra section of the pallet before cutting them to size. The two small shims will create the space between the base and the slotted rack for hanging wine glasses.
  • Thoroughly sand your cut pieces of pallet and planking with your Mouse® Sander. This will eliminate any dirt and rough edges.

Step 2. Construct Wine Glass Rack

  • Choose one of the planks for the glass rack. Mark evenly spaced, 50mm-deep notches along the front edge. Keep the size and quantity of your glasses in mind when determining the spacing and width of the notches, which will hold each wine glass from its base. Cut out the notches with your Jigsaw.
  • Use your Drill driver to drill pilot holes. Secure the remaining plank to the bottom of the pallet frame with two 38mm wood screws at each end.

Tip: Dry pallet wood splits easily, and drilling pilot holes before driving in screws helps prevent snapping a piece in half. You’ll want to use a bit that has a slighter smaller diameter than the screw’s shank, which is the solid portion of the threaded area.

  • Attach Spacers to Shelf Base
  • Stand each shim piece on its edge to create 25mm spacers between the base and the glass rack. Keep each spacer’s edge square with the base plank, and avoid placing the spacers over the screws securing the base. Drill pilot holes and secure each shim with two 38mm wood screws.


Step 3. Attach Rack to the Base of the Shelf

With your drill/driver, secure the glass rack to the spacers by drilling a pilot hole on each end and driving in a 25mm wood screw.

Step 4. Hang It Up

  • Sand the assembled shelf and apply a wood stain that complements your space, if desired. Sand the finish unevenly for a distressed texture, or leave the wood unfinished for an industrial look.
  • Drill two holes into the back of the shelf and hold it against the wall with the level flush against the base of the unit. Adjust the shelf until it’s perfectly level, and mark the holes with a pencil to indicate where to install your drywall anchors. Remove the shelf and install the anchors.
  • Hang the shelf by screwing through the back of the shelf with 38mm wood screws into the anchors.

Tip: Screw-in type anchors are suitable for a small shelf that holds a few full bottles. If you have a larger shelf, screw into the wall studs and/or use heavy-duty anchors, such as toggle bolts.


Step 5. Add the Wine Bottles

Display your favourite bottles of wine and hang up your wine glasses. Add a decorative hook on the side of the shelf to hang your wine opener and keep it within easy reach.